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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5 – quick camera comparison

Take 2 of the top flagships the LG G5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 and take the same shot from each phone. This is the difference as shown below.

Macro of a daffodil.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Daffodil #SamsungS7


Daffodil #LGG5

The macro shots from both phones are fairly close in quality. Some aspects go to the S7 and other aspects of this macro go to the G5. Overall the colour accuracy to what I could see goes to the LG G5. But overall this is a draw.

Clapper Bridge, Postbridge

Samsung Galaxy S7

Clapper Bridge #Dartmoor #Postbridge #SamsungS7


Clapper Bridge, Postbridge #16mp #LGG5

LG G5 Wide Lens

Ultra Epic view of the Clapper Bridge #Dartmoor #Postbridge #LGG5

This is where the S7 lack of pixels really shows itself up. It just cannot match the LG G5. And then there is the LG G5 wide shot which is simply ultra amazing and cool.

Postbridge Walk Entrance

Samsung Galaxy S7

Postbridge Walk #Dartmoor #SamsungS7

LG G5 Wide

Postbridge Walk #LGG5 #widelens

Again I just used the wide shot from the G5 as it just makes scenic shots like this look much more interesting.

However, if you have kids or dogs, this is the killer type of shot shown below you can get from the S7 with ease. The G5 has a slower focus so will not achieve the below shots as easily.

The shot of Tiggy below using a S7 was snapped whilst Tiggy was actually moving..

Tiggy says "Hi" #SamsungS7

The shot below using the G5, Tiggy was still for a split second. The photo is good.

Tiggy all soaked and muddy but very happy #lgg5

Now I said this type of shot is a win for the S7. If you click on the shot of Tiggy and view full size you will see how sharp and how much detail is available on the S7. The G5 isn’t too shabby, but I really do think the S7 takes this one.

Overall, two different phones, with two different cameras. A hard choice to make!