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Pebble announces Pebble Core, Time 2 & Pebble 2 – My Views

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Pebble announced the Pebble 2 ($99), Time 2 ($129) and Pebble Core ($69). The Pebble 2 goes looks like the original Pebble but this time adds a heart rate monitor. The Time 2 has a colour display with 50% more display and a battery that lasts up to 10 days. The Time 2 is currently only available in steel.

New to the table is the Pebble Core. Pebble has a Pebble Core for Runners and a Pebble Core for Hackers. The running version clips to clothing, and allows you to leave your phone at home as it has a sim card. You can stream spotify for example. The hackers version is a keychain computer that acts as a magic button for any command. Pebble also said Amazon’s Alexa voice will be added soon.

So what do I think. On paper these are ugly looking watches, especially the Pebble 2. But they are cheap and offer a range of functionality at this price. Pebble also seems to have cult status. The Pebble Core could become something useful and a just $69 is like a new iPod Shuffle with a modem.

Cheekily, it launched a Kickstarter campaign for each device. The target was $1m. As of typing this post it has smashed $1m and stands just under $5m.

So no matter what I think, Pebble has a niche market, a niche product already funded by a Kickstarter.

More information at Pebble Kickstarter