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Oculus have just emailed all Samsung Note 7 Users – DO NOT USE THE GEAR VR – Full Details

I have just received an email from the Oculus Team regarding using the Samsung Gear VR with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

This is what the email said –

“As you may have heard, on Friday, September 2, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. announced the U.S. Product Exchange Program for Galaxy Note7 owners in response to battery issues with the Note7 device.

Please get your Note7 replacement before using your Gear VR as your safety is our number one priority. You can contact or visit the retail outlet where you purchased your Note7 or contact Samsung to initiate a product exchange and to resolve any questions or concerns.

– The Oculus Team”

So do not use your Gear VR with your Samsung Note 7 unless you have one of the new ones following an exchange. You do not want your Note 7 exploding in your face!