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Heartwatch 2 for iOS – My favourite Apple Watch just got a massive update – mini review 

It was only about a week ago and I reviewed Heartwatch for iOS. Click HERE to recap on the mini review. 


And just like that along comes Heartwatch 2 for iOS and what a huge update it is. 

HeartWatch 2 introduces heart badges. These are a simple glanceable graphic that lets you quickly see how your heart is doing for different types of events. The colours represent time in zones overlayed with an average.

For regular heart rate readings, the ideal is to have a completely blue badge. The bigger the red ring around the badge, the more time spent with an elevated heart rate. Even though averages can appear to be similar, the badge shows a clear picture of how your heart has really been tracking and alerts you about excessively high or low readings.


For workouts, you can easily see the zonal makeup of your workout at a glance.

If you own an Apple Watch there is now an intelligent complication. When your iPhone detects a new high heart rate, it displays it on your Watch face. This links in to the fast Watch app. No spinning cursor. No waiting. Press the complication and an instant background update has you seeing your latest heart rate and a summary of your day.

You can also capture key HealthKit measurements just by saying them, take notes about your day and track sleep. Even take your waking pulse.

The watch app changes how it looks when you are working out to help you stay in your training zone. Just start your workout as usual using your favourite app. Your readings are big & colour keyed by zone. Red is intense, yellow is fitness, green is fat burning, aqua is health etc. You’ll never see “Measuring…” again.

Whether you are looking for heart rate irregularities or checking on your workout progress, HeartWatch makes things very easy via a 12 week big picture.

If you aren’t too concerned about sleep cycles and phases, and just want an idea of how you slept, HeartWatch analyses restless vs basal energy captured by the Watch whilst asleep and shows your “battery charge” for last night and the trailing week. It even overlays this over your heart rate readings for easy cross reference.

Then of course there are all the features from version 1 along with notifications. This app really adds a lot of value if you own an Apple Watch.

To read more about Heartwatch 2 for iOS head over to the Apple App Store.