HeartWatch for iOS – One of My Favourite Apps for Apple Watch – Mini Review 

HeartWatch for iOS is a stunning app and highlights why iOS has the edge on apps over other platforms due to the extensive range across all categories along with depth and breadth of features in apps. 

Due to privacy issues, I am not sharing my heart rate data, but merely the screen shots from the App Store. However, the level and depth of data is exactly the same as shown below.


For ages one of the aspects of the Apple Watch that annoyed me was the overall level of data provided on your heart rate especially considering the fact it is monitoring it constantly.

Heartwatch for iOS is able to extra all the data and display it is a superb manor. You can also setup notifications as shown above. So in theory it could be the app that tells you something is wrong with your heart before the doctor since you can get notified if your heart rate goes below or above a certain point. The triggers are set by yourself. You can also get other notifications too.


The Activity app on the iPhone only provided one data point for your heart rate after a workout had completed. Now you can see a lot and the different times you were in the zone. It really is incredible how much data got pulled off the Apple Watch. Not only that, but after installing the app, it populated a considerable amount of historical data. In my case it pulled 2.5 months of historical data.


Then there is the stats to show the data on one screen over a longer period.


Daily stats provide a much clearer picture of how you performed over the day.


What I also like is that on any screen you can drill down further too.

Overall this is a really cool app and makes the Apple Watch that extra bit more useful from a health and fitness angle. Currently the app costs £1.49 which in my opinion is worth every penny.

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