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LG G3 Premium Hard Case in Tan – review

The official LG G3 Premium Hard case arrived and is now fitted on my G3. It comes in minimal packaging and fits over the G3. Unlike some of the LG cases that replace the rear back cover, this one does not.


However, it is in reality a polycarbonate back cover case, finished in a tan finish. It is meant to mimic leather and from a distance it achieves this look. But it is plastic. However, it feels a little too smooth although it is slightly grippier than the standard phone but not by much.


Does it work with the LG official Qi Charger WCD-100? The answer is yes.

The hard case offers a good fit with access to all the cutouts but is it worth the typical selling price of £17.99. Honestly, I don’t think so as for that price there will probably be better options eventually.