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Camera Shootout – Apple iPhone 6S Plus vs Huawei G8 vs Motorola Moto X Style

Today I’m looking at three different phones each with unique selling points. All 3 phones have different rear cameras too. 

The Apple iPhone 6S Plus is 12mp and has OIS. The Huawei G8 is 13mp and also has OIS. The Motorola Moto X Style has a huge 20mp rear camera but no OIS. The shots were taken at sunset and within minutes of each other. 

They are all random shots and all in auto. I am going to collate each cameras photos together so you can appreciate the style of each phone. I have also added some commentary.  These were the first shots. No retakes.

iPhone 6S Plus 

Auto HDR works really well dealing with the sun. Fairly natural shots with HDR working well. No surprises really. 

Difficult lighting in the above shot but well exposed. 

Good colour reproduction above. 

Again just a good shot above. 

Notice how close the field of view is with the iPhone. Relevant for comparing to the other phones. 

Motorola Moto X Style

The photos below are from the Moto X Style. My thanks to Clove Technology for supplying the X Style for this comparison and also full review. 

I really like the quality of the photos from the X Style. Auto HDR works really well too. 


A good shot by the X Style with the sun although there is glare.


With the wider field of view the X Style captures more of the scene. Another good shot.


Again a reasonable shot, although not quite as good as that from the 6S Plus, but still good.


Again the wider field of view captures the whole supermarket into this shot. Good capture.


The bus had just driven passed as captured on the 6S Plus shot and then a cyclist whizzed passed. When I went to view the shot taken, the X Style said it had a better shot of the one I had taken. WTF. I had only captured one, but the camera had sneakily taken another as shown below. Very useful feature IMO.


Huawei G8

Unlike the other phones it doesn’t have auto HDR so you have to manually select this.  And the G8 takes artistic HDR shots as you will see below. Where there is an HDR version I have included it. The shot below has good colour reproduction.


Now a normal and HDR version. Notice the artistic effect.



So do you like the HDR shot? I am not too impressed with the normal shot. There is too much shadow.

Again a normal and HDR version.



I actually like the artistic HDR version but I accept not everyone will prefer this style of shot.

One more from the Huawei G8.



From the 3 different cameras, whilst the Huawei G8 photos are ok, they are not at the level of the Motorola X Style or iPhone 6S Plus, but then there is a price differential between these phones. The Huawei G8 and Moto X Style cost £350 and the iPhone has a £250 plus premium on top. Of course there is more to a phone than just the camera, but what do you think about these photos?