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iFi ZEN Air DAC review – budget king!

Welcome to my review of the iFi ZEN Air DAC which retails for £99. The iFi ZEN Air DAC is a desktop DAC/AMP. It functions as either a DAC or headphone amp. You can connect it to a separate amp or speakers too.

Key Features/Specs

  •  PCM 32bit/384kHz, fully native DSD256 and MQA.
  • PowerMatch adjusts the gain of the ZEN DAC Air so it functions at the right level for your headphones. 
  • XBass+ allows you to tailor the bass to suit your headphones and your personal taste.
  • New low latency 16 core XMOS IC.
  • Burr Brown Chip – Bit-Perfect DSD & DXD DAC by Burr Brown.
  • Weight 315g.
  • Headphone output 280mW at 32ohms, 36mW at 300 ohms, 1V/3.3V max (variable).

Video Review


The iFi ZEN Air DAC is a superb budget DAC/Amp. Highly recommended. 9.2/10.

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