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iFi xDSD Gryphon review

Welcome to my review of the iFi xDSD Gryphon which retails for £599.

The Key Features

  • Full MQA decoding – Native DSD (up to DSD512) and full MQA decoding up to 384kHZ on a powerful 16 – core XMOS processor
  • Hi-Res Audio – PCM up to 32- bit / 768kHz via USB or 192kHz via optical or coaxial and Advanced 96kHz Bluetooth 5.1 + module with QCC5100 chipset supports various HD formats including aptX HD, aptX Adaptive, LDAC and HWA / LHDC.
  • Balanced (4.4mm Pentaconn) and S – Balanced (3.5mm) analogue inputs and outputs. Built – in iEmatch and auto – gain technology automatically adjusts output to suit headphones / IEM sensitivity.
  • Extras including XBass and xSpace settings, balanced circuit design with OptimaLoop multi – path feedback and an ultra-low noise, 1000mW high power amplifier
  • Military Grade Aluminum with an OLED display finishes

Audio Tracks used for Testing

-Roxy Music – True to Life (Remastered)
-Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life
-Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (2012 Mix Master)
-Eric Clapton – Layla (Acoustic Live at MTV Unplugged)
-Axel F – From Beverly Hills Cop
-Natalie Merchant – Ophelia
-CeeLo Green – Bright Lights Bigger City
-Stevie Ray Vaughan – Tin Pan Alley
-K.D. Lang – Constant Craving
-Nigel Kennedy – The New Four Seasons
-Hans Zimmer – Mountains

Video Review


The iFi xDSD Gryphon is by far my favourite amp/DAC with every option I would have ever asked for. Plus it sounds incredible. Gold star award. 9.9/10.

Useful Links

Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/xDSD-Gryphon-Portable-Headphone-Amplifier/dp/B09H39DBY6

iFi Audio website – https://ifi-audio.com/products/xdsd-gryphon/