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iFi Go Bar review vs iFi Gold Go Bar vs Chord Mojo 2

Welcome to my review of the iFi Go Bar which retails for £329, then compared to the iFi Gold Go Bar, which is a limited edition run of 1,000 units, which retails for £499. Then all are compared to the Chord Mojo 2, which retails for £450 in the UK. The Chord Mojo 2 pricing is other countries is a lot higher.

Key Features

  • iEMatch – the most sensitive IEMs can be matched 
  • Connects directly to your device with the USB C Input, and works with balanced 4.4mm or S-Bal 3.5mm headphone plugs for ultimate convenience and versatility 
  • Balanced 4.4mm & S-Balanced 3.5mm 
  • Proprietary XBass & XSpace technology delivers amazing sound performance 
  • Tidal MQA to MP3 and beyond, play any high res audio format with native digital to analog conversion so you can listen to any song the way the original recording was intended


The iFi Go Bar is an exceptional DAC/Amp and highly recommended. 9.4/10.

I hope you enjoyed my review and comparison, but if you have any further questions, please let me know.

Useful Links

iFi Audio website – http://www.ifi-audio.com