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Huawei P20 Pro – How to increase front camera video from 720p to 1080p

The Huawei P20 Pro can shoot up to 4K video using the rear cameras but when you check the settings for the front camera video, it maxes out at 720p.

Actually, it has two 1080p video settings for the front camera. So you might be asking where are the 1080p video options. Well despite Huawei having tidied up the camera app, it is still confusing in places, and activating 1080p video on the front camera is crazily complex.

One thing to remember with the Huawei Camera app is to check the camera settings when choosing a different mode, as often additional settings may appear dependent in the mode you are active in.

However, to get 1080p video on the front camera is not so obvious. Open camera app. Turn phone horizontal. Switch to front camera. If you now check the video size options, 720p is the highest. Exit settings and go back to camera screen. Bottom left is an icon for Beauty mode. Tap the icon Now turn it completely off. Now go back to the video settings and you will see the two 1080p front video size options.

Simple really!