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How to shoot YouTube videos with your iPhone 7 Plus

I have been asked several times, what gear do I use to shoot my YouTube videos. Well to answer your question it’s the following. 

Video Review 

List of Equipment 

The below are all links to Amazon so you can see the latest pricing and learn more about the piece of equipment. The Studio Neat Tripod mount is a new phone mount and is incredible. It has 3 tripod screws positions and if you watch the video you will see how it all works. 

Shoulderpod Tripod Rigs
Rode VideoMicro Compact
Manfrotto LED Light
Zecti Lightweight Tripod
Studio Neat Glyph 2 Tripod Mount


If you want me to review any of the gear mentioned please let me know. The Zecti Tripod has already been reviewed.