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Thanks to my HTC One – news notoriety

Just after 10.30pm on Monday 13th May 2013, a snow blizzard was in full swing in Princetown, Dartmoor. I discovered this when I went to walk one of my dogs. My next reaction was to pull my HTC One out of my pocket and snap in continuous mode 20 shots. I had a quick look at them, and agreed with the phone’s choice for the best shot of the 20. I quickly shared the photo via twitter.

There has been much discussion around the HTC One camera, it’s strengths and weaknesses, but one can’t deny that it’s super fast shutter speed enabled me to capture the snow as shown below.


And that is why I like the camera on the HTC One. It always captures that moment. Sometimes the 4mp shooter lacks details on scenic far away shots but the fast shutter speed is a good compromise.

Following my tweet, little did I know that I would be contacted by Apex news agency, ITV news, BBC news, Channel 4 news and Channel 5 news. The photo has appeared in all of these channels and also in the Daily Mail online and the Metro. Photo taken from the Metro (thanks to Glenn for noticing this and taking the photo from the paper)


I am also expecting the photo to appear in a number of national and local newspapers. Below are some of the online links. If you happen to see any other references can you please let me know.

BBC News

ITV News

Channel 4 News

Daily Mail

Funny thing is snow is not unusual at here on the Moors. In 2009 I opened my front door to over 4 foot drifts.


And using the classic HTC HD2 I took this snow photo of the local church.