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Apple iPhone 7 Plus & Apple Watch Series 2 – My Review of the Experience

iPhone 7 Plus & Watch

Welcome to my review of my thoughts on the user experience of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2.

We all know the specs of the devices, so this review omits the obvious stuff and focuses on my thoughts of the actual experience and what I like and dislike.

FYI. The video/photos was filmed/shot using my Honor 8.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – My Review update

Just an update on the status of my review on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I had planned having this ready for Monday but Samsung have let me down. Their courier of choice doesn’t post at the weekends so the extra pieces I wanted to include with my review won’t arrive until Monday. 

So what are these extras? Well firstly the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch and secondly the Samsung Level One Pro Bluetooth headphones. I also have the Gear VR which will form part of the overall review. 

You might ask why the Samsung Level One Pro headphones. Well these are enabled with Samsung’s Hi-Res Bluetooth codec which is better than APT-X. The Samsung Music app (just updated for the S7) includes an option for UHQ music upscaling. I do recommend using this setting at all times. The UHQ option is for wired headphones and any headphones that support the UHQ Bluetooth codec which include the Level One Pro headphones. 

I have already published many posts on the camera so the other aspects I wanted to explore fully is the sound quality. This is via the loudspeaker, headphone jack and USB Audio. I have already spent hours testing the headphone audio using loads of different types of headphones. I have also used several USB DAC Amps. And to complete the test I have also used several android music apps. So my last part was to see what difference using the Hi-Res Bluetooth codec makes to the audio nirvana.  

I have tested, owned and reviewed all the previous Samsung Gear smart watches. Just use the menu to find them. So I only thought it right to include the Gear S2 in my review of the Edge. And not forgetting the Gear VR. 

So my review is likely to take a slightly different angle to many other reviews and explain the Samsung Galaxy S7 Experience. Because that is what really matters nowawadays. 

The experience is what iOS iPhone users shout about. Well let’s see what Samsung can achieve! 

Stay tuned for a roller coaster of a journey !