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LG V10 – European Version – First Impressions

Finally the LG V10 has arrived. My thanks go to Clove Technology for helping me out after UPS mysteriously lost the first V10. 

Clove Technology are selling the LG V10 currently for £375 plus VAT. If you’re quick you also get a pair of Bluetooth gloves worth £10.  Now that is cool. In fact if you spend £25 or more you get the Bluetooth gloves while stocks last!


The European LG V10 is different to the other versions. This model has all the UK bands but drops the internal storage from 64gb to 32gb. Apart from that it’s one super geeky cool piece of tech. 

Now I really enjoyed the G4, but the V10 takes it to another level. Whatever the G4 lacked, the V10 has in style. First impressions of the hardware are of a solid semi rugged phone. The secondary display, two front selfie cameras for different angles, gorilla glass 4, fingerprint sensor, metal frame, grippy back, infra red blaster, Sabre HiFi DAC and legendary camera with manual controls for photos and videos. 

Last night it was impressive to connect my Sennheiser headphones and only need the volume at 30 out of 100 due to the Sabre HiFi DAC and Amp.

And oh the camera. It’s so much better than the iPhone 6S Plus. 

More soon.