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ALERT – FREE 50gb Dropbox Bonus Space on Samsung Galaxy S5 – YOU’LL BE LUCKY

So, you have just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S5, and are looking forward to getting 50gb free bonus storage space.

Note 1 – The Dropbox app needs to be preinstalled on your phone.

Note 2 – The account that signs in first, locks the deal and dropbox ID to that phone.

THE HUGE CON – If you already had an unexpired Samsung Dropbox bonus deal, you won’t get anymore space. The same would apply with a HTC phone as well.

What is annoying is I only have a month left with my previous Samsung 48gb bonus space but now I have nothing as I cannot sign in with a new email, as the device ID is already registered with Dropbox. And I won’t get the free 50gb bonus space thereafter.

So in my minds, this is a total CON. No where does it warn you when you go to setup Dropbox.

I have asked Samsung and Dropbox for comment and will update this article as and when a reply is received.

Update – since publishing this article I have been approached by a large number of people who have also suffered the same fate and not been able to obtain their free advertised storage for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

If you have been affected, please get in contact.