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Weather and information on Princetown and the Beast – plus links to must see footage of Winter 1963

Princetown, a grim little town some 1,400 ft above sea level, with an abominable climate of fog, snow, wind [and rain]… exposed to the bitter N and E winds, the least suitable place that could ever have been chosen for a town. Quote by WG Hoskins 1954.

To read the daily and evening weather updates for Princetown, Dartmoor, further information on Dartmoor, Princetown, the Legendary Beast of Dartmoor and a link to the incredible BBC Video Archive footage covering the Winter of 1963, click. here to jump to Gavin’s Gadgets Weather info page.

The archive video footage shows Dartmoor and Exmoor plus other parts of Devon that got cut off in the big freeze of Winter 1963-64.