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LG G Watch – corrosion conclusion – review – the unanswered questions


5 days ago I posted an article explaining that Google support had given me a time sensitive deal which would only be valid for 24 hours to accept a replacement LG G Watch.

I challenged this with a simple request. Would the replacement be of a different design? and or would there be any reason to expect corrosion with a replacement. I really liked the G Watch. But all I wanted was some form of conclusion and confirmation by Google.

So how did this get resolved by Google. A RMA for a refund has been processed. No explanation has been provided. So it could be that the specialist support team knew nothing, knew everything but could not confirm either way or knew the watch would corrode again after the OTA update to fix the charging pins being active whilst off the cradle.

What is odd about the LG G Watch OTA update which is suppose to stop the charging pins being active when not on the cradle, is the Samsung Gear Live watch is about to receive the exact same firmware update OTA and yet it does not have the same issues.

Whatever the reason or reasons for the corrosion, these will remain unanswered for now.

Update – official internal document from LG. Shame Google support knew nothing about this –