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Pump-Audio Mix vs V2 In Ear Headphones Review & Comparison


Pump-Audio was originally founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Adam Blair. Today the company is quickly becoming known as a high quality headphone producer in the UK and across the World.

PUMP Headphones are specifically designed for lovers of dance music.

Today I am going to be reviewing the new and soon to be released Pump-Audio Mix In Ear headphones versus the current V2 In Ear Headphones.

Key Specifications

Pump-Audio Mix In Ear

– Weight: <15g
– 3.5mm gold connector jack
– In line microphone & volume control
– Frequency range: 12hz – 28khz
– Sensitivity: 102dB (+/- 3dB)
– Passive Noise Isolation
– Silicone and Memory Foam earbuds

Pump-Audio V2 In Ear

– Frequency range: 16hz – 24khz
– Sensitivity 102db (+/- 3db)
– Impedance 18 ohms
– Passive noise isolation
– Silicone and Memory Foam earbuds
– Weight <15g
– 3.5mm gold connector jack
– In line microphone

The Review


If you love dance music, the Pump-Audio Mix and V2 headphones dig deep with the bass but not at the expensive of the treble. As the new Mix headphones have a wider frequency range the extra top end is slightly more refined. The Mix also has volume controls on the in line remote over the V2. Recommended for dance music fans.

Useful Links

Pump-Audio on Amazon

Note – PS. Note these were a review sample supplied by Pump Audio

Oppo PM-3 vs Oppo PM-2 Headphones – Decisions


On the left we have the Oppo PM-3 and on the right the Oppo PM-2 headphones.

I’m currently undertaking a comparison with these 2 amazing headphones. Whilst they share many technological firsts and both sound amazing, they are also different in their sound styles and price points.  The PM-2’s are double the cost of the PM-3’s and offer an open back construction for the ultimate sound performance. The PM-3’s are closed back to keep your music private to yourself.

A more detailed post will be upcoming in a few weeks with my comparison findings.

In the meantime you can read my individual reviews on each.

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Oppo PM-2 Headphone review – click here.