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Razer Phone – Photos from the camera after the new firmware update

The Razer Phone. The first phone with a 120hz screen refresh rate. Buttery smooth like no other phone. Speakers with Dolby Atmos that are so loud, its astonishing. A phone with Nova Launcher Prime as the default launcher. In fact there is so much this phone does well, but that’s for the full review.

The camera has come under attack in the initial reviews. Early firmware which was not finished. The new firmware helps improve matters and there is a batch of camera updates coming over the coming months.

But is the camera really that bad? Well you decide with the selection of photos below. Personally, I would be happy with these photos.

This tree was the very first shot from the camera. Looks good.

Focus point appears to have occurred in the middle of the shot, with the front rock not in focus.

Lovely landscape shot.

Another good landscape shot.

Not over processed which is something I like in this shot.

This is a great shot.

With difficult lighting, the Razer did ok.

Now of course this is a gaming phone. So as part of my review I will be testing the gaming aspect out as well.

If there is anything you would like covered in the Razer Phone review, then let me know.