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Samsung Galaxy S7 – Camera Fun

Yesterday I published my review of the Official Samsung Lens Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

So today, I thought I would share a selection of shots taken with these lenses. Post processing was done using Snapseed or Camera360. With all the photos below, if you want to see the full size, just click on the photo and select original.

The cow was a long way off in the distance. So I used the telephoto lens and cropped the shot afterwards.

Say moo #S7

Below is a shot taken with the wide angle lens using the panoramic mode on the S7. I really like this shot. Probably best to view this one a large screen if you can.

Panoramic view of the architecture at The Hoe, Plymouth #S7

Both photos below snapped using the wide angle lens.

Architecture at The Hoe, Plymouth #S7

Stormy skies around The Hoe, Plymouth

The photo below is snapped with the telephoto. Brings the action much closer.

Red and White Stripes

Finally a shot with the wide angle. Quite dramatic too.

Incoming storm The Lighthouse , Plymouth #S7