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Fight – HTC One M8 vs Nokia Lumia 1020


I recently read a camera comparison of the HTC One M8 vs Nokia Lumia 1020 and it really was biased and didn’t cover any of the strengths of the HTC One M8 over the 1020. So today, let’s put the balance back.

Round 1. Capture the Biker. – above shot from HTC One M8. The M8 took over 20 shots using long press of the shutter in a second or two. A quick edit using sequence shot and above shot created. I would post the Lumia 1020 shot but the camera is still firing up .

Winner Round 1 – HTC One M8

Round 2. HDR mode.


In Round 2 we test the HDR mode of both cameras. Of course this is a standard camera mode found in all cameras. Shot above from the HTC One M8 using the HDR mode. I can’t show the shot from the 1020 as it doesn’t have a HDR mode.

Round 2 – Winner – HTC One M8

Round 3 – Macro mode


Macro shot from the HTC One M8. Hang on the Lumia 1020 doesn’t have a macro mode.

Round 3. Winner. HTC One M8.

Overall winner – HTC One M8.

Now in case you think I’ve been unfair, I could have selected at least another 10 types of shots where the HTC One M8 would have won.

Disclaimer – the 41mp Nokia Lumia 1020 is a great camera phone providing you’re capturing static shots, grave yards and non moving things. Also worth noting that the image the 1020 uses for sharing is 5mp versus a 4mp file from the HTC One M8.

However, in many situations the HTC will achieve what you need better than the 1020 due to it’s speed, creativity, and the endless options of editing the photos afterwards. In other words, it is not necessary to select the camera shooting mode first. Plus you get a video highlight of your event created automatically. It’s the perfect camera for capturing people, pets, kids and movement. And if you are still unsure have a look at 36 photo samples from the HTC One M8 on Flickr. Due to privacy reasons, some of the best photos taken from the M8 are of my pets and kids and therefore cannot be shared.