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Using Black and White Photography with the Samsung Note 4

Having used the Samsung Galaxy S5, K Zoom, Note 3 and now the Note 4, I have found that I am fairly familiar with how each shooting mode works and how to use each mode to get the desired effect.

Dead or Alive Stripped Tree with Dartmoor in the distance #b&w #samsungnote4

Note – click on photo if you want to go to my Flickr account to see original full size shot.

I have found with the Note 4 that in order to get the best “after edited” shot, it is best not to have taken the shot with HDR on. It is better to work with a photo that is slightly darker in places. Using various filters with a non HDR shot seems to bring out far more dramatic photos.

This also applies when using black and white as your way of expressing drama or a mood in a photo. The above was simply a random shot of a photo taken of a tree with a backdrop of Dartmoor. I then used Camera360 and choose a Black and White Strong filter.