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What I like about the LG G5 camera so far – And what setting must be used for the G5

I have been using the G5 for over 2 weeks now and I am really starting to find out how to get the most from its camera. I also have the LG Cam Plus connected permanently.

I will review the LG Cam Plus separately but its extra 1,200 mAh battery does make a difference to the battery performance as you would expect. The Cam Plus extra battery seems to get triggered when you use the G5’s camera thus slowly adding more juice. After a certain amount of time of not using the camera, its stops recharging the main battery.

In terms of using the G5 camera this is what I like about it and why I prefer it over the S7 camera. Take a look at the photo below. I am about 15 feet away from the start of this shot. To view full size, click on each photo and select full size or original.

Playing in the bog

And now look at the cropped version and the amount of detail still retained below. I had tried to take this type of photo with the S7 and crop afterwards, but its a total non runner due to lack of pixels. To shoot 16:9 on the S7 requires dropping the resolution down to 9.1mp. The G5 main camera is nearly double at 16mp.

Zooming in on George having fun

The main 16mp camera takes excellent photos. The 8mp wide camera also takes excellent photos and with loads of detail too. Photos from the wide lens possess a lot of depth and make clouds look like they are moving.