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Which Phone has the Best Camera? Low Light Shots? – The Verdict

If I charged everyone £1 to answer the question below, I would be a millionaire and retired. That’s how often I get asked this question. Nobody seems to care any more if the phone can make calls, all everyone wants to know, is the camera any good and is the camera any good in low light.

So today, I am going to answer these two questions, once and for all using examples from a selection of different smartphones.

Hello cutie little birdie - watch me get ready #iphone6splus (sequence part 1)

If you want to photograph a seagull, use an iPhone 6S Plus.

George smiles for the camera as Fury flies above, poor Tiggy lags behind #LGG4

If you want to photograph high flying dogs, use a LG G4.

Tiggy aka "The Cyclone" #S6Edge #Water #Frolics

If you want to photograph a wet dog, use a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

The Expendable Burger - testing the low light performance of the £125 Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

If you’re on a diet, then use a Vodafone Smart Ultra 6.

Power #Huawei #MateS

If you drive a Mercedes, then use a Huawei Mate S.

Rumours of a Dangerous Predator on Dartmoor #SonyZ5Compact

If you like to live on the wild side, then use a Sony Z5 Compact.

Flower Power snapped with the awesome #Samsung #Galaxy #S6

If you want to photograph flowers, then use a Samsung Galaxy S6.

HTC One M9 Camera shots - a selection of photos from the M9.

If you’re a fit bastard, then use a HTC One M9.

Ship Ahoy at The Barbican #Plymouth #Lumia830

If you’re into erections, then use a Lumia 830.

Happy cows and ponies on Dartmoor #Xiaomi #MiNotePro

If you’re into milk, then use a Xiaomi Mi Note Pro.

Church of St Michael & All Angels,  Princetown #Dartmoor #AmazonFirePhone

If you’re into Resident Evil, then use an Amazon Fire phone.

Church of St Michaels

And if you must shoot in poor low light conditions, then use an iPhone 3GS.

In summary, the cameras on smartphones have reached a stage now where the quality is good enough! But there is more to asking the question, which phone has the best camera? Are you talking about features to create a better shot, manual controls, selfie beauty modes, speed of use,4K video recording, time lapse, super night mode or what? There is so much more than to this question, and if you look at the photos from all the different phones, it highlights the point, it doesn’t really matter any more! Also, everyone shoots in different scenarios, so one answer may not be the same for another person. In the last 12 months, I have used so many different phones all of which have been extremely capable shooters. If you really want a better camera, buy a Sony RX100. It’s small and fits in your pocket with ease!

More information on the Sony RX100 range of cameras