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August EP650 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones – review


Welcome to my review of the August EP650 Bluetooth stereo headphones. This is the last August Bluetooth I am reviewing and as the expression goes, I have left the best to the last. Out of all 3 this is my personal favourite. More on why later. First the key specifications.


– Bluetooth V4.0 with aptX® Technology
– Operating Range: Up to 10m
– Frequency Response: 60Hz – 20KHz
– Speaker Output: 30mW
– SNR: ≥85dB
– Distortion: ≤1.0%
– Battery: 3.7V/220mAh Built-in Li-ion Battery
– Working Time: 10 Hours
– Charging Time: 2 Hours
– Standby Time: 30 Days
– Weight: 235g
– Dimensions: 176.6 x 188.6 x 71mm

Key Features/Usage

The August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are packed with all the functionality of the smaller EP636’s which I reviewed a few days ago. The EP650 improve upon the EP636 with more comfort due to the 12mm ear piece cushions and padded headband. In addition the headphones features apt-X and can connect to non bluetooth devices with a standard 3.5mm audio cable (provided). The retail price is normally £67.95, but there is currently an offer on Amazon UK saving nearly £30.

Other key features include –

– Microphone for Hands-Free Calls
– Bluetooth Range up to 10m
– NFC Ready – Tap to Connect
– 11 hours Battery Life
– Adjustable Headband


The August EP650 have larger cushions than the smaller EP636’s and consequently are really comfortable. Add in APT-X for better sound quality and the ability to use a 3.5mm audio cable (provided) for non bluetooth devices or when the battery has gone flat and you have a really versatile good quality headphone.

In terms of call quality, these sounded ok. The caller at the other end had no issue hearing me. I listened to a large number of tracks and a range of musical genres from classical, jazz, blues, pop and more. The EP650’s lean slightly towards the bass which reduces the sound stage and slightly overpowers the treble. The 650’s are best described a fun and comfortable headphone to listen too. During quiet classical pieces you can hear a slight hiss.


The August EP650’s are available in a range of colours and at their price point, comfort, quality and versatility offer good value for money. Recommended.

August EP650 Bluetooth headphone deal at Amazon UK