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Is the Samsung Gear S smartwatch pointless, genius or something else?

Let’s look at some evidence.

From Samsung Tomorrow they explain the lengths Samsung went to design the Gear S and its intelligent design, prowess and usefulness.

A quote ” This was the first time a wearable device offered such connectivity. And as the Gear S is significantly smaller than smartphones, Samsung engineers had to get creative to fit the necessary components and modules into the device. For example, to implement notification features on wearables, Samsung had to use its own relay server. This relay server would facilitate forwarding of notifications from smartphones to the Gear S ”

From Engadget’s Review of the Gear S

Quote “Samsung Gear S review: an ambitious and painfully flawed smartwatch” I always wonder whether these big sites can get a proper appreciation of a product after a few days!

And yet below is a video from Motorola showing why you need the Moto 360. It’s quite funny and only 15 seconds. But if that is why you buy an android wear watch then it truly is a pointless product at the moment and the video sort of highlights it’s current limited use.

So here I am nearly one month later with my Gear S. And as far as I am concerned it is still the best smart watch for me out there currently. It is not waiting on any updates to add extra functionality. It does everything as advertised. Android Wear is too much version one and unfinished. The Gear S is an excellent fitness device. It is also a phone, music player. Maintains an easy to find list of notifications. Allows replies to emails and texts either with a Samsung phone connected or without. And the remote feature works so well. I have apps that are useful to use on a small screen. Plus it’s not dependent on your voice due to the on screen keyboard. I also think it looks great. Now if you don’t agree I understand 🙂