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80M Huawei phones are now running EMUI 9, 20M more still expected!

Huawei is continuing to drive a positive message regarding its phone business, despite the political scene that is ongoing between Trump and China over a trade agreement.

Huawei have issued another press statement confirming that over 80 million of its phones now all run EMUI 9, which is Huawei’s skin that exists over Android 9.

Huawei originally released it on a handful of devices which included the Mate 10, Huawei P20, Mate RS Porsche Edition (one of my favourite looking phones) and the Nova 3. To boost the number of devices, Huawei is now adding even more devices, showing some love to the older handsets, including the Mate 9 and P10. The Huawei Mate 9 and P10 are expected to receive the EMUI 9 update by the end of June 2019.