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Tim Cook delivers Stanford Commencement Speech – Full Video

Yesterday, Tim Cook delivered the commencement address at Stanford University. During the speech, Cook recalled Steve Jobs, talked digital privacy, and more.

14 years ago, Steve Jobs delivered the commencement address, so Tim Cook’s speech at Stanford today was made even more notable. The Apple CEO explained that Stanford and Silicon Valley have long been woven together, but that recent events demand some reflection.

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Apple Watch – The Real Story from WWDC 2019 – Editorial

At WWDC 2019, Apple showed off the new version of Watch OS. The big news wasn’t the new watch faces, or new features to the health app it was the few changes to the operating system that will make the biggest difference to using the Apple Watch since it got launced.

Currently, if you want to use an Apple Watch, you need to use an iPhone. This is frustrating if you say wanted to use your Apple Watch with your favourite android phone, because this was not an option.

Now with the new Watch OS beta, Apple has included the Apple App Store directly on the watch. This paves the way for the Apple Watch to be used either completely untethered, or even with any phone of your choice.

Why would Apple consider doing this? Well it is no secret iPhone sales are in decline. Apple has maintained profits by pushing the average price of the iPhone higher and higher. However, this doesn’t stop the decline of sales of the iPhone.

It is no secret that the Apple Watch is the number one selling smart watch world wide, and likely the biggest selling watch period. So with an App Store on the watch, this leaves Apple with an option for people to buy the watch without needing an iPhone and even with the possibility of using it on another platform, like android.

If Apple enabled this, just imagine the exponential increase in sales of the Apple Watch. Who knows the Apple Watch one day could be the actual replacement for the iPhone, or a version of it.

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Belkin and Logitech commit to Mac Pro accessories alongside Apple’s new ‘Pro’ cables

On Monday Apple held its WWDC and apart from all the software announcements, the new Mac Pro was revealed.

The Mac Pro is extremely expensive, and if you need to ask the price, then you cannot afford it.

Fortunately, 9to5mac has reported that both Belkin and Logitech will commit to selling accessories for this new powerhouse. Personally, I don’t blame them as surely the profit margins at this top end price point will be lucrative.

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Source Photo – Apple

UAG Plyo iPad Case Review – Ultimate Impact Protection for your iPad

Welcome to my review of the UAG Plyo iPad Case. This case is clever as it is compatible with all the following iPads –

– iPad Air 1
– iPad Air 2
– iPad Pro 9.7
– iPad 5th Gen
– iPad 6th Gen

It also has built in impact protection, auto wake/sleep and more.

Video Review


The UAG Plyo case for iPad provides strong impact protection, extra grip and more. Recommended. Discover the full range of UAG cases on Amazon UK.

Apple and Microsoft Office now working together!!

At Apple’s June 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference Apple announced that Microsoft will be bringing their suit off apps to the Mac App Store and finally in January 2019 they are now available to download today from the Mac App Store and on your iOS device.
In the UK and other countries around the world people started to see this pop up in the iOS app store.

From Office 365 App screen,

“We are proud to announce that Microsoft Office 365 is now on the Mac App Store. Your subscription to Office 365 gives you access to all functions on all platforms. To subscribe, sign up for any Office Suite app and update your subscription. Discover all the apps in the suite, and start creating and collaborating!”

Currently Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint are available to download to start your creativity and productivity on all your Apple devices.

Like Office 365 on other devices this will require further subscriptions to unlock the full ranges of features but will receive basic modes on all applications.

When looking on the UK Mac App Store their subscription prices are as follows,

Office 365 Personal – £59.99
Office 365 Home – £79.99
Office 365 Solo – £112.99

Post by Ricky West

Apple release new Smart Battery Case by Ricky

Apple has released their first product of the year and it gives you the ability to extend battery life on the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max with a new redesigned smart battery case.

It is available to order from Apple’s online store today or pop in to one of their many retail shops.

It comes in two different colour choices black or white and will work with iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

It has been redesigned since it’s previous model which had a hump, and looked like Apple rushed it through research and design.

Old Smart Battery Case Design.

New Smart Battery Case Design.

If you charge your iPhone via Qi Wireless Pad this case can also be charged without interruption and when fully charged gives you a combined total talk time of 37 hours and internet use for 20 hours without needing a charge.

Looking at numbers the case has a battery size of 1,369mAh which is same for XS, XS Max case.

The all important number that you all want to know is the price in UK this will cost you £129 from Apple UK for either iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max.

Post written by Ricky West TechTalk on YouTube .

Shot on the iPhone Xs Max – My Top 15 Photos from the camera

After a few weeks, below are my favourite and top photos that I have taken with the iPhone Xs Max.

Apple released the iPhone Xs Max a few weeks ago. Smart HDR was one of the new camera features introduced which takes multiple shots and merges the best components of each, to create one amazing shot.

Then there is the new A12 Bionic processor that helps with the computational photography aspects.

The results from the Xs Max have really surprised me. The quality leap forward from previous iPhones in very noticeable. Even from the iPhone X.

The Smart HDR even allows shooting into the sun and producing a decent result.

The Xs Max have larger pixels than the X at 1.4 microns on the main sensor. This helps with low light and detail.

Another aspect of the iPhone Xs Max Camera that I have noticed is it’s speed to take a shot. It’s instant.

Talking of speed, holding the shutter button activates burst mode. Did you know you can take 999 shots in a single burst.

With each burst, I noticed how every shot was in focus and perfectly exposed as well.

Portrait mode has improved too.

Of course, portrait mode can be used in many different scenarios.

With the Xs Max, the telephoto lens can help get some great macros.

And even without the telephoto you can get some great close up pics.

I really love how the camera captures sunsets and sunrises.

In addition, if you edit the photos in the iOS Photos app, there are some lovely filters available.

Video has also been improved on the Xs Max. The iPhone Xs Max is one amazing camera. And so easy to use and reliable.

iPhone Xs Max Camera Review & Showcase

Imagine taking just your iPhone Xs Max with you, filming video and taking lots of photos.

Then using all the video and photos and being able to create, edit and upload a video without ever using another device.

Well what you are about to watch was produced completely on the iPhone Xs Max, edited, and then uploaded.

For video editing, Luma Fusion app was used.

Headphones are recommended.

iPhone Xs Max First Impressions + Camera

Welcome to my first impressions of the iPhone Xs Max.

Before I get to my first impressions, I came across a little gem of a case that got delivered yesterday by DPD. It’s a silicone style case that’s a copy of Apple’s own silicone case except it has protection on the bottom edge, whereas Apple’s own design is exposed. It also costs £40 less. MoKu Case

The new iPhone Xs Max in theory is just a minor update to last years X. In fact with Apple supporting iPhones up to 5 years old currently, there’s no excuse to upgrade unless you’re on a iPhone 6.

However, the new A12 Bionic processor, iOS 12, larger full screen with gestures, enhanced stereo speakers, stereo video recording and more, the iPhone Xs Max could be something special which I’ll cover off in my full review.

I’ll say this now. The camera kicks ar*e. And is substantially better than last years X in every mode.

Spigen Essential Fast Wireless Charger Review – The safe low cost option! Why pay more?

Welcome to my review of the Spigen Essential Fast Wireless Charger.

I wanted an additional Qi Fast Wireless charger. The issue with many cheap Qi wireless charger is safety. Some make your phone get too hot. Some just don’t work properly. Then there are different speeds of charging wirelessly.

Fortunately, I came across the Spigen Essential Fast Wireless Charger. It cost me £15.99 on Amazon UK . Today it is on sale at £14.99.

The Key Features

– Spigen is an Associate Memeber of Qi Membership (Qi Registration ID: 2093)
– Advanced Safety Features
– Improved Wireless Charing Usability
– Dual Coils for Portrait & Landscape
– Anti-slip mat, portable design and overcharging protection technology all combined
– Compatible with All Qi-Enabled Smartphones incl new iPhones, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / X, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, Note 9 etc.
– Angle works with FACE ID

What’s In The Box:
1 x Spigen Essential Fast Wireless Charger (Model: F303W)
1 x USB to Micro USB Cable
1 x User Guide

There are several things I like about this charger. First is the angle. It is great to see the screen and is angled so it works with FACE ID. The charger surface is an anti slip mat. It has safety features to prevent overheating. This is covered off more in my video review below.


I had a number of cheaper wireless chargers which I have no thrown in the bin. The Spigen design is so much better and safer. Highly recommeded.

Buy one from Amazon UK.