Sony Linkbuds review – wireless earphones with a hole in the middle!

The Sony Linkbuds retail for £149 and are without a doubt the weirdest wireless earphone I have ever reviewed.

I waited before I released my review so that I got the new firmware that also allowed the Sony Linkbuds to connect to the Sony headphone app. The new firmware is vital! It makes such a big difference to these wireless earphones.

Key Specs

  • Codecs SBC , AAC
  • IPX4
  • 10 mins quick charge – 90 mins usage
  • Battery life 5.5 hours plus 12 hours extra from case
  • No Qi charging
  • USB C

Video Index

00:00 Intro plus firmware
00:40 In the box
01:03 Fitment
01:18 Shake Test
01:34 Gym & Codecs
01:48 Battery test
02:15 Sony Headphone app & recommended settings
02:51 Sound Concept & Feedback
06:12 Comfort
06:56 Mic Quality
07:20 Latency
07:48 Sound Quality

Video Review


Recommended providing you need the USP of these wireless earphones that I discussed at length in my review. I personally really like them.


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