iFi Audio GO Blu vs Shanling UP5 review & comparison

Welcome to my review of the iFi Audio GO Blu and Shanling UP5. Both are reviewed and compared with all eleven differences highlighted.

The iFi Audio GO Blue retails for £199 and the Shanling UP5 for £179.

The video review is over 20 minutes long, but don’t worry, there are chapters and an index in the YouTube video description box that enable you to skip back and forth between the different sections. However, I do recommend watching the whole video and there is a ton of detail covered.

Video Review


Both devices have a lot of differences, but for me the winner is the iFi Audio GO Blu. Very highly recommended 9.1/10.

Useful Links

Shanling UP5 – https://en.shanling.com/article-IntroUP5.html


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