THX Onyx review – THX AAA DAC/AMP Dongle that redefines sound quality!

Welcome to my review of the THX Onyx portable DAC amplifier equipped with THX AAA technology which retails for £199. 

So what’s is all the fuss about this dongle. THX AAA technology has been taking the audio scene by storm. It enables the world’s highest fidelity audio and maximum dynamic range, whilst still being able to drive power hungry, audio grade headphones with significant volume. 

In addition it features a MQA renderer supporting services that provide this from Tidal. This is direct rendering using the DAC. 

Key Features 

  • Headphones impedance range 22-1,000 ohms
  • Dynamic range 118db
  • Output power per channel at 22 ohms 180mW
  • THX AAA-78 technology 
  • MQA renderer 
  • ESS ES9281Pro DAC
  • Connect via USB or USB-c, android, iOS, Windows 10 or Mac. 
  • Compatible with mic / non mic headphones 
  • With iOS products, there is no call functionality 
  • Magnetic cable management 
  • CNC machined metal chassis 
  • THX standards included 

Video Review 


OMG. What a killer dongle DAC. 9.8/10 

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