The 6 Best Magsafe Products in 2021 – how I use them and why – in depth editorial

MagSafe is Apple’s solution to fast wireless charging along with the use of some nifty accessories. After many months of using MagSafe and buying many products, below are the ones that I use now every day and why. All the products mentioned below are ones that I have bought. None were sent as review samples either, so my honest opinions are below.

MagSafe Duo 

I originally reviewed this on  my YouTube Channel in November 2020, but it still sits proud on my office desk. Covid has meant I haven’t gotten to use it for one of its intended purposes and that is a travel companion. It charges my iPhone 12 Pro Max, AirPods, AirPods Pro and Apple Watch with ease. The phone section also charges my other Qi devices. With the iPhone 12 range, the magnets firmly attach to the back of the iPhone to charge quickly. I also like that when covid restrictions finally lift and I can travel more, I will simply fold it half for travel. When you fold it it simply snaps together. What has surprised me is that I don’t have this on my bedside table. That’s because I am using my Apple Watch for sleep tracking at night, so its best to charge it when working in my office at my desk.

In case you missed my video review of this, its below.

Now this has been out for a few months, the price is being discounted. For the latest price on Amazon, click HERE.


Apple Leather Wallet

You can see the Apple Leather Wallet attached to my iPhone 12 Pro Max on the photo at the start of the article. This is one item that I had expected not to keep, yet after many months of using it, its a firm keeper. I have noticed that the leather becomes slightly more grippier after a while of using it, and leather on leather helps too. The leather wallet first all of the iPhone 12 range, including the 12 Mini. I have managed to get 3 cards inside it too. What I have to do to enable to slide the cards out, is make sure that the bottom card has the numbers facing the finger slide cutout to give me some extra grip to slide them out. Whenever I have gone out, I attached the leather wallet and it has never fallen off. Not once. I find it great to have such a small and removable item on my phone.  It is expensive, but then when is anything by Apple cheap! However, it is built extremely well and the leather and leather stitching is high quality.

Latest pricing on the Apple Leather Wallet on Amazon with all the different colours, click HERE.


Moft Snap-on MagSafe Wallet and Stand

This is an absolute genius of a product offering more functionality than the Apple Wallet and for half the price nearly. It fits the entire iPhone 12 range from the 12 Mini to the Pro Max. It holds 3 of my cards and then can be used as a stand in either portrait or landscape. Comes in 4 different finishes.

Moft Magsafe Wallet and Stand, latest pricing on Amazon, click HERE.


Apple MagSafe Charger

I have two of these. You can see one of them in the photo at the top integrate into the Elago MS1 stand and below into the Spigen Mag Fit.  So after several months, I realised these are handy, the cable could have been longer and is not detachable, but it does provide 15w wireless charging for your iPhone 12 Pro Max. I have also realised, it is better when added to some low cost accessories as below.

Apple MagSafe charger on Amazon, click HERE.


Spigen Mag Fit 

I have this one my bedside table. You put Apple’s MagSafe charger inside the rubberish cover. It has a nanotac surface underneath that attaches to the table. If you reposition the stand, it can be stuck back down. I love this. So low cost too. Now when I life my iPhone the  charger part stays on the table. And as it uses Apple’s MagSafe charger, I get all the same benefits. It is also a lot easier to remove.

Spigen Mag Fit on Amazon – latest pricing click HERE.


Elago MS1 Charging Stand

If you look at the photo at the top of the page, this is behind my iPhone. It comes in 4 colours. I choose black. In hindsight, I think white might have looked better. Again, it uses the official MagSafe charger and has enough weight to be sturdy on my desk. You can swivel the iPhone around so its in landscape as well as portrait. Or anything inbetween. The magnets hold it nicely.

Elago MS1 latest pricing on Amazon, click HERE.



And there you have it, my favourite MagSafe products so far from 2020 and 2021. Come back in a few months time as I am sure to have added a few more products to this article. If you have come across a really good item, please share it below in the comments.


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