HiFiMan Ananda-BT Bluetooth Headphones review – Wireless Headphones from the Future!

Welcome to my review of the HiFiMan Ananda-BT headphones that retail for $999.

HiFiMan claim that these are the best sounding bluetooth headphones in the world. I would say they are the headphones from the future!

Key Specifications

– Open back headphone design
– Planar Magnetic Drivers
– Impedance: 35 Ω
– Sensitivity: 103 dB
– Frequency range: 8 Hz – 55 kHz
– Weight: 495g with microphone, 460g without mic
– Charging time: 2:40 hours.
– Bluetooth Life: 10 hours

The HIFIMAN Ananda-BT is the bluetooth version of the successful Ananda. Inside the Ananda BT there is a balanced amplifier and an integrated 24-bit DAC. The connection between the receiver and source can be made via Bluetooth with the codecs SBC / AAC / AptX / AptX-HD or LDAC. You can also connect via USB-C cable with support of 24 bit and 192 kHz sampling frequency.

For communications, a microphone is included which makes the Ananda BT a high-end gaming solution as well as using it for conversations with your mobile phone. The headphone will last around 10 hours with charged battery when connected to Bluetooth and takes about 2.7 hours to fully charge. Connected to the USB-C cable, you can either only stream data, for example, to protect the battery of your laptop or smartphone, only charge when the Bluetooth connection is at the same time, or both at the same time.

Sound, the Ananda BT is astonishing. Find out more from my video review below.

Video Review


A stunning sounding headphone of top notch audio grade, and its bluetooth. Highly recommended.

Useful Links

HiFiMan Ananda-BT on Amazon

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