iBasso DC-02 Hi-Res USB DAC review

Welcome to my review of the iBasso DC-02 USB DAC that sells for £39.

Key Features

– AK4490 Premium 32-bit Stereo DAC with VELVET SOUND™ technology
– Support of PCM up to 32bit/384kHz
– Support of Native DSD up to 256x
– Dedicated headphone amplifier with 3.5mm single-ended output port



My favourite USB DAC and hence why I personally have more than one of these! Highly recommended.

Useful Links

iBasso DC-02 on Amazon


6 thoughts on “iBasso DC-02 Hi-Res USB DAC review

  1. Hi Gavin,

    How does this compare to the HIFiMe Tiny DAC you reviewed before? I have an Android phone and I had to buy the USB Audio Player and the build quality doesn’t look as good as the iBasso.


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  2. Thanks Gavin,

    I will look at this when I upgrade my phone. Luckily the S10 5G has the headphone jack but the Note 20, which I am hoping to get, won’t. I returned the S20 Ultra as I didn’t think it was much of an improvement on my current phone.



  3. Hi Gavin.
    Do you know if this works with the P30 Pro? I bought a cheap DAC which has a Realtek chip. When I opened up USB Audio Player Pro I got a message saying that there wasn’t enough power to enable the DAC (or words to that effect). People seem to think that Huawei phones can be problematic with DACs.

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