Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ First Impressions

My full review on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ will come in the upcoming weeks with my usual YouTube videos and posts here.

For the first time, the Samsung Galaxy Note series comes in 3 options this year. The smaller standard Note 10 and the larger Note 10+, which also has an additional version that has a 5G modem.

I got hands on with the larger Note 10+ in aura glow. Aura glow is really a mirror like back, silver colour perhaps, but when lights, or sunlight hit the back, you see bright red, orange and green strips. It really is an eye catcher. Personally, my choice is the aura black as this won’t interfere with my photography.

Picking up the Note 10+ felt like I was holding a flipping huge phone due to its squared design and the phone being all bezel apart from the centre hole for the front selfie camera. But despite that it felt like a wow moment. Samsung is known for having the best screens, and the Note 10+ just looks stunning. The reality is, the phone looks bigger than it actually is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a big phone.

So with such an impressive screen, every action I did on the phone just felt incredibly immersive. It hard to be certain, but the speed of the phone felt fluid and fast, and significantly more fluid than my iPhone X that I compared it to. I also compared it to an iPhone XS Max. The XS Max looks so ancient next to the Note 10+, and I’m not anti iPhone. It seems that the new exynos processor and 12gb of ram, plus software optimisations have really added to the performance.

Talking of software, from my brief test of the camera, it seems Samsung has undertaken even more tweaks. I tried as many modes as possible including the front selfie camera which took some great photos of me. Obviously, I need a lot more time with the camera, but it does seem to show some slight improvement over my S10+.

Of course, we also have the S Pen with all its added benefits. That’s for my future videos and posts.

In fact, there’s so much to talk about I could end up creating the first phone movie review!

Stay tuned for me and if you have any questions please let me know.



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