Google to roll out RCS messaging, the iMessage destroyer – full details

Google has lost its patience with carriers/networks. In a bold and dangerous move it has decided to force their hands and will roll out RCS messaging with or without them.

If you own an iPhone users, the biggest hurdle holding you back from switching to Android is iMessage. RCS messaging is the solution to this problem by bringing iMessage-like features to Android devices. But RCS will mean even iPhones might have to get this support, negating the need for iMessage even on an iPhone.

The problem so far has been that the various carriers around the world have been dragging their feet when it comes to rolling out RCS support. Google has been trying valiantly to push carriers to speed up the process, but things aren’t going much faster.

Now Google is throwing in the towel on getting the carriers to bring RCS to everyone. Google is just going to roll it out itself.




3 thoughts on “Google to roll out RCS messaging, the iMessage destroyer – full details

  1. Operators have been applying pressure on Apple to integrate RCS for some time.
    Apart from the visual feature which would essentially mean that those iMessage like features would all show as the infamous “green bubble” conversations on iOS there are questions on when carriers will eventually switch off SMS and why has Apple not allowed iMessages to be ported outside of iOS.

    Personally I am not a fan of iMessages being open for both Apple & Android. The thought of having the entire messaging service in the hands of one company is an incredibly scary thought. Apple could intentionally limit the Android version to sell iPhones. That and Apple would anger all carriers who have been doing a great job of selling iPhones for Apple. Apple may instead replace SMS fall back with RCS fallback instead.

    Lastly, I doubt there will be a great migration from Apple to Android if Apple supports RCS. Many to most users are unlikely to leave in numbers. Most users are tied closely into their platform of choice.


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