Even Samsung Phones suffer from boot loops – My Personal Experience

I have a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) phone that is my work phone. It is locked down from a security point of view, with 8 digit password that needs entering every time you need to do anything on the phone. Then each of the apps has its own 8 digit password which changes constantly.

The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) receives regular security updates too. As this is a work phone, it is only used for emails, calls and the odd text. Over the course of ownership, the battery longevity has taken a hit.

So in reality this phone is not stressed heavily. Calls, emails, texts. And charging every other day. Except yesterday I charged the phone to 100% as usual overnight. Went to power on and was left with the Samsung boot logo flashing happily at me. Yes, I know my phone is made by Samsung, but surely Samsung didn’t need to remind me this way!

So what has happened is my Samsung Galaxy A5 is stuck in the boot loop. A quick Google search, and it became apparent this is a very well know problem. Only solution is to wipe the phone whilst connected to a PC using special commands. My actual remedy as recommended by Vodafone, its a known problem, you need a newer phone/replacement.

And that is what is happening. Who knew even Samsung phones suffered from boot loops!


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