Shot on the Pixel 3 – My Top 10 Photos – So What do you think of the Shots?

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is renowned for having a very good camera for photography. Unlike many other phones, it only has one rear lens which relies heavily on Google’s AI and software computational expertise.

So below are my top 20 shots taken with the Pixel 3 so far.

Above, stunning shot of autumn leaves on a tree. The colours were extremely accurate.

Taken at night, in the rain and fog. The complex lighting was handled well by the Pixel 3.

A classic Dartmoor landscape shot.

A lovely sunset shot looking over Tavistock, Devon, UK.

The above two shots were taken using the new night mode on the Pixel 3. The night mode works really well. Low noise in the photos and fantastic dynamic range.

The Pixel 3 camera has no issues focusing on close up flowers or insects.

The Pixel 3 camera has a particular feel and look. It is also reliable and is just as good with the front selfies cameras, as it is with the rear camera.

So what do you think of these photos?


5 thoughts on “Shot on the Pixel 3 – My Top 10 Photos – So What do you think of the Shots?

  1. I am impressed. The autumn leaves and the Night View shots are amongst my favourites. No good having night shots which are too noisy. The Tavistock shot was great as well.

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  2. Gavin, very impressive shots. The technology and simplicity behind the Google Pixel camera are perfect in producing excellent photos. You have an unfair advantage with your local church cemetery. You could have recorded the whole movie (Night of the Living Dead) on this phone and with better quality than the original.


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