Nokia 5 Review – 1 Year Later with Android 8.1

The Nokia 5 is made from a solid piece of 6000 series alumimium. It runs on a near stock version of android, called android one and it is a joy to use. It has 2gb ram and 16gb storage with a 13mp auto focus rear camera and a 8mp auto focus front camera. You can buy this from Amazon UK for just over £110.

Nokia 5 Photo Samples

The Dominos sign is looking crispy. Nothing wrong with this shot.

Again, another good shot. Maybe could do with a little brightening up, but overall pretty reasonable.

Above is the front facing 8mp camera, taken indoors. My face is a little pale as it hasn’t exposed perfectly for the light that is streaming through the glass window.

A couple of sheep on Dartmoor that were moving fairly quickly. Again, quite a fairly reasonable shot.

Before the storm. My village. Quite like this shot.

So what happens when we take the above shot, edit it in Snapseed using the HDRscape filter. A more dramatic shot!

Above, post box. This is the snapseed edit. Camera was aimed towards the sun, so the original shot was a little too dark, but snapseed helped make the shot a little bit more interesting.

Main Review

If you fancy buying one of the budget gems, you can pick one up from Amazon now.


2 thoughts on “Nokia 5 Review – 1 Year Later with Android 8.1

  1. Nice review, as always. It”s a cool little phone, however I bought the 6.1 as a secondary/test phone. I think it’s a noticeable improvement over the previous version and the 5 range, and I was luckier on an “unsolicited” drop test, that resulted in a massive dent. .. On the wooden floor 😋 also noticed you’re using msecure5, my manager of choice until I found Bitwarden a couple of months ago. Keep on testing!


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