Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera Review – All Modes & Comparisons

Welcome to my Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera Review. In this review all modes of the camera are tested and commented on including –

– Video at 4K 60fps – The S9+ creates super crispy footage with decent audio too.

– Slow Motion comparison between 960fps and 240fps – whilst 960fps is fun to create with Samsung’s auto detect motion and has a super easy editing software to frame your super slow motion perfectly with some fun music too, slow motion at 240fps is far better quality, but not as fun. To find slow motion at 240fps you will need to activate the mode in the camera settings.

– Variety of Super Slow Motion Clips at 60fps – I tried to pick 6 different scenarios. I loved the effect.

– f/1.5 vs f/2.4 – see the differences possible. f/1.5 really does turn dark scenes into daylight as well.

– Selection of Photos – the photo quality is excellent. In fact video quality is great too.

– Low Light Shots – a champ. Natural looking photos. It does help to drop the exposure down, although none of the shots shown had this adjustments.

– Panoramic – File sizes around 60mb and truly amazing outputs.

– Live Focus vs normal selfie – just use rear camera with a f/1.5 for a natural bokeh. Not my favourite mode. Front camera for photos is the S9+’s weakness. Front video manages QHD and is good with auto focus as well.


The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is a very competent shooter. The output from video to photo quality is excellent and always nails the shot first time every time.

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4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera Review – All Modes & Comparisons

  1. Great review as always Gavin. Would you say it’s worth upgrading from the S8+ just based on the camera?

    Have you had a chance to compare the audio DAC? I have lots of flac files and the Sennheiser over ear 1.0 headphones. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on the difference between the S8+ and S9+


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