TIBO Kameleon Touch Wireless Bluetooth Multi-Room Speaker with Amazon Alexa Review

Welcome to my review of the TIBO Kameleon Touch Wireless Bluetooth Multi-Room Speaker with Amazon Alexa. The TIBO Kameleon retails for around £149.

The Key Specifications

– 30W RMS, Tap to talk – Multi-play speaker
– Direct pre-sets for internet radio
– Bluetooth & Wi-Fi streaming
– Amazon Alexa near field VAS built-in
– 3 changeable sides: Walnut, White, Grey

The TIBO Kameleon Touch is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Multi-Room speaker with Amazon Alexa built in. With Amazon Alexa the speaker takes on a whole range of smarts. It is also able to link with ease to other TIBO Smart Audio products.

The Smart Audio capability is controlled by the free TIBO App. Setting up the speaker using the app was a breeze. The app then allows you to link other TIBO Smart Audio speakers and the various music streaming services from Spotify connect, Tunein Radio, Tidal and others. Refer to video review for more details. You can also stream music stored locally on your phone. Versatility is the name of the game here. The Kameleon Touch can be used to playback audio in single, stereo or group mode at the touch of a button. High Resolution audio streaming via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth makes music from a wide range of sources immediately available. Plus, the speaker has five pre-sets which can be toggled through for thousands of internet radio stations and playlists. This saves a lot of time and to also include an aux in is another nice touch.

Amazon Alexa is available at a touch of a dedicated button. For styling purposes the speaker comes with 3 sets of interchangeable panels, white, dark grey and walnut, which is a neat touch.

Video Review


A very versatile and great sounding speaker, recommended.

Useful Links

TIBO Kameleon Touch Wireless Bluetooth Multi-Room Speaker with Amazon Alexa on Amazon UK


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