Optoma NuForce BE Free8 – Truly Wireless Wire Free Earphones – Review & Comparison with AirPods & Sony WF-1000X

Welcome to my review of the Optoma NuForce BE Free8. These are a true wire free and wireless headphones. The quick review. The best ever truly wireless wire free earphone. Now read on to find out why and how they compare to other top earphones.

Key Specifications and Features

– Cable free – true wireless earphones
– Stable and reliable signal/connection – Bluetooth and NFMI technology
– Superior sound quality with deep explosive bass – enhanced with AAC and aptX for Apple, Android and Windows
– Non-stop listening on the go – 4 hour battery life with three additional full charges using the charging case
– Rain and sweat resistant – IPX5 rated

Main Review

The Optoma NuForce BE Free8 combine advanced audio coding and connection technologies including AAC, aptX LL and NMFI. This enables superb Hi-Fi sound with no lag or connection issues. One of the issues with a lot of wire free wireless earphones is lag and connection drop outs. The Sony WF-1000X suffer from drop outs and lag as do many others, which makes watching YouTube frustrating. AirPods do not suffer lag or drop outs and finally Optoma nailed this common issue with the BE Free8. I was able to walk around my whole house and not miss a beat.

In terms of fit, these fit snug in the ears without any discomfort. I was able to walk and jump and they did not fall out, Being IPX5 would be ideal for the gym.

Sound. Deep enhanced bass is one of the characters of these earphones. On some tracks the bass did interfere with the treble and midrange but overall the quality is excellent. Reasonable soundstage too. Compared to the audio quality of the Sony WF-1000X, the BE Free8 are far superior to the Sony’s. The BE Free8 are also superior in sound to AirPods, with more bass and passive noice cancellation.

The battery lasts 4 hours with another 3 full charges from the battery case. Also, the earphones are black which is a much better colour than white. So lets continue my review below.


If you are looking for a wire free in ear headphone, the Optoma NuForce BE Free8 are in a league of their own. Highly recommended.

Useful Links

Optoma NuForce BE Free8 – latest pricing and more info on Amazon UK


5 thoughts on “Optoma NuForce BE Free8 – Truly Wireless Wire Free Earphones – Review & Comparison with AirPods & Sony WF-1000X

  1. Hi Gavin, just to put a counterpoint to this review I have experienced the exact opposite to you, I have to hold them in my ears to get a decent seal & thus decent sound/bass, yes tried lots of different tips. The range on mine is not good either, sound breaks up a few meters from my phone and connection drops randomly. Really disappointed with them overall & needless to say they’ll be going back pronto.


    1. What are you pairing them with ? Also are you putting them in with the big section at the top (,hope this makes sense). I’ve used this with my iPad Pro and V30 just fine. Pair the left side first , then turn on right bud and they connect with each other.


    2. Just a few other pointers if this help you. On the on/off button itself it has left and right marked (L,R). Very hard to see the print. I assume you gave them a full charge before first use. If you need me to tweet a pic of how I have them in my ears, let me know on twitter and I’ll do it. The trick is simply that they go in upside down ie big bit goes higher and fits the shape of the ear. The bass are huge on these. Same feedback from everyone who has reviewed these too. Let me know how you get on, and as I said, happy to snap a pic of me with them in my ears before and after if it helps.


      1. Hi Gavin, thanks for the reply, same as you they’re being paired to a V30 and were fully charged before I set them up. Yes I do have them the right way up and have played with the orientation of the tips. I think my right ear canal is shaped a bit weird as I really need iems that go very deep into the canal in order to get a good seal. This is not the first time I’ve encountered this issue but do thank you for taking the time to give me some pointers.


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