Honor 7X – #MaxYourView #I00I – First Photos from the Camera!

The Honor 7X features a dual rear camera setup with a 16mp + 2mp rear lens. The front camera is 8mp. I wanted to share some photos from the rear camera to give you an idea of photo quality.

The Honor 7X captured the colours of this shot fairly accurately.

I like how the Honor 7X coped with shooting in to the sun. I really like this pic.

Another reasonable shot.

Again a well balanced shot. All the photos were taken in auto mode.


3 thoughts on “Honor 7X – #MaxYourView #I00I – First Photos from the Camera!

    1. In many aspects yes, but in others no. The G8 rear camera has OIS. The 7X doesn’t. The 7X has newer and better components otherwise. Also it’s probable the 7X rear Camera is better even without OIS. Haven’t got the G8 anymore to compare. Maybe look at a Honor 8 on offer.


  1. Great phone for the price. Unlike other chinese phones in this price range, the honor does well in all departments. Unfortunately you cant get this smartphone in alot of countries.


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