iPhone X vs Pixel 2 – Camera Comparison Part 2

Over the weekend I published two posts. A low light camera comparisons between the iPhone X and Pixel 2, and some first shots from the iPhone X. 

Now I’m back with some more camera shots from both shots, from outdoor, indoor and some more low light shots. The differences are stark at times. All on auto. 

In all these shots it’s the iPhone X first, then the Pixel 2. So which is better in your eyes ?

So perfect sunny conditions with this shot. iPhone X is the first shot. Both look great but do you have a favourite. 

In this indoor shot the Pixel 2 on the bottom has more detail. Look at the drinks fridge bottom right. But do you agree?

Now into night shots where the differences between the phones becomes more obvious. Again Pixel 2 is the bottom shot, iPhone X on top. 

Again both phones using a different exposure with the Pixel 2 going for a higher ISO. The iPhone X used a 1/4 second shutter speed. But which is better. Pixel bottom. iPhone X on top. 

So who is your winner and why? 

Some other points to note. The Pixel 2 has Bluetooth LDAC, APT-X and APT-X audio codecs and therefore sound better with headphones. Both have stereo speakers. The iPhone X sounds better than the Pixel 2 but Pixel 2 XL sounds better than the iPhone X. Screens. Lol. iPhone X has a better screen than both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. 


8 thoughts on “iPhone X vs Pixel 2 – Camera Comparison Part 2

  1. Hi Gavin! Just wondering what pictures look more like the scene you observed. I think the pixel may be brightening the scene, which is nice but maybe not accurate? iPhone generally try to recreate the scene as accurately as possible—so usually less punch and sometimes less brightening in low light then the competition phones (Samsung and Pixel).

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    1. Well observed there Jeff. The Pixel shots at first were the ones I would want to share but looking closer the Pixel has ramped ISO up more than the X as well as the brightness. This adds noise into the dark sky. The X is more natural , uses a lower ISO (200 vs 500) and a 1/4 second shutter speed. With a few edits the X shot can be brightened up. However the Pixel does have more detail. Interesting differences really.


  2. All the cameras on good phones are so close now. With good light they are all about equal. Low light there is more differentiation between them,, but still fairly close. If you know how to take a picture and edit one (which I always have admired you for!), all today’s top phones are really spectacular.

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  3. Photos on Twitter at the weekend looked better on Pixel 2 at first sight, however I’m preferring the iPhone shots now – Pixel shots looking overly bright now and preferring the more natural, warmer iPhone shots even at the expense of some detail. Both great though and really can;t go wrong with either imo.

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