Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Review 1 Week Later + Camera Showcase 

After one week with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, this is my detailed review so far with a few tips and a camera showcase. Also I have embedded a few other photos above and below from the Note 8. 

The above shot was edited on the Note 8 using a Bixby voice assistant. I asked Bixby to apply the vignette filter. 

The bokeh is superb. Live Focus was not used for this shot. Auto all the way. 


10 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Review 1 Week Later + Camera Showcase 

  1. Interestingly I have no issues using the finger print sensor and I am not tall therefore have probably average finger length for a bloke. The large superb screen of the Note8 does make me use it a lot more than my Note FE. Battery life has improved after 4 charges. Now looking to stop using my Blackberry Keyone and keep both SIM cards in the Note8.

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    1. The main reasons I use it over the Chrome is that it’s full screen and the scrolling is smoother. I still can’t believe that after all the years, chrome doesn’t have a full screen option.

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