AUKEY Desk Lamp LED with Touch Control & More – My Review

The Aukey Desk Lamp with LED Touch Control review.

Key Features

– 3 brightness levels selected by touch control.
– 3 light modes – cool white, warm white, medium white.
– Built in memory function which remembers your previous settings.
– The lamp section completely folds down and the lamp body is designed to be slim, so that it takes up little space
– The lamp can be flexibly adjusted from from 0°to 180°and light coverage can be extended in different scales to meet your needs
– High Tech looks
– Good value at just £14.99
– Weight 540 g
– Dimensions 26.8 x 7.8 x 5.6 cm

The Aukey Desk Lamp has a total of 18 LED’s. A simple touch control to the bottom front controls the 3 different modes and also acts as an on of off switch. Brightness varies from a centre luminance of 600 LUX (Max). The three modes provide a kelvin colour temptation varying from 2900K, 4100K and 5200K. It is powered via a micro usb cable which is provided in the box. After plugging the usb cable into your computer or other charging device, you simply tap and hold the bottom right panel to turn on the light and then tap the front panel to toggle between the different modes.

Video Review


The Aukey Desk Lamp is a neat product, simple to use and power and takes up very little space. Available from Amazon UK.


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