Big Changes – Editorial 

Changes. And difficult decisions. 

Gavin’s Gadgets is 4.5 years old. I started posting every day for nearly 4 years. In 4 years a lot has changed. Phones have got a lot better. Or have have. I mean who decided to remove the headphone jack! 

Joking aside, phones have got better. I read comments on social media with people arguing over pointless points of a phone. My camera is better than yours. Or which phone is better. This cannot be easily answered anymore as it all depends on a given day, the weather conditions and the particular type of shot. My advice though is stop arguing the toss, and learn how to use the bloody phone and camera properly. Learn how to take a better shot. 

And believe it or not you’ll take something as shown above, shot on an iPhone 7 Plus in raw. Post processed in adobe lightroom for iOS. 

These aren’t one off shots. Another iPhone shot below. 

But to be honest it doesn’t matter which phone, it’s possible to pull off a masterful photo. Within all my reviews I have used my 3 labradors, George, Fury and Tiggy. I swear they even know how to smile at the right moment when I’m photographing them. 

Below is Tiggy, the youngest now 3.5 years old. 

And the oldies, George and Fury, both 5 years old now. 

Apart from reviewing mobile tech, I have a passion for photography and listening to music. After watching the WWDC 2017 from Apple last week it is even clearer to me that the Apple eco system is a much better fit for my passions. Whilst android offers diversity in the hardware it doesn’t offer the same level of deep app experiences. The facts are that using iOS 10 I can do much more with my videos and photos than on android. iOS 11 takes that to another level. The headphones that are available specifically for iOS are just as exciting. So, what does this mean. Well I have owned an iPhone 7 Plus since it launched and had it as my main phone and am very happy with it the point that I don’t see the need of having a second phone, normally an android phone. So I’m not. 

Another point with the Apple eco system is how all the hardware talks to each other. These experiences are wonderful. And I personally prefer them. That’s not to say android or chrome is rubbish, they aren’t but I’m sticking with Apple.

Some of you will have noticed some drop in activity. A few months ago I ended up in hospital (unplanned) and on Thursday I had the pleasure of another unplanned visit. I have decided that it’s time to take a back seat reviewing stuff on Gavin’s Gadgets. I will keep the website open, I will still answer your questions, there is still a wealth of information on here. Go to the menu, reviews and have a look. Or use the search facility on here. 

My 3 gorgeous dogs will also have a rest from my camera, well they may think that but they won’t be so lucky in reality. That’s because I am going to do what I enjoy more and more now. And that is take awesome photos of Dartmoor and surrounding areas in Devon and Cornwall. I will share these special days out which of course will allow you to see the best from my current phone. These might be videos too.  However, my posting will be as and when. 

So just a little note to say thank you to the millions and millions of you that have visited so far and to all those that contributed and help support me and Gavin’s Gadgets. 


39 thoughts on “Big Changes – Editorial 

  1. Thanks for all the invaluable posts over the years Gavin. No other site has delivered the kind of impartial in-depth analysis and I really appreciate the time you spent doing it. You’re always the first site I check in the morning.
    After the constant posting, you deserve a break! All the best Gavin.

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  2. First things first: hope you’ll get better and enjoy your time taking amazing pictures of the superb place you live in while listening to music on jack-less phones…
    Then there’s the massive amount of relevant information you’ve posted along the years, making this site my (and I belive many others) first stop when drooling over a new gadget, to check if it has been given the “Gav’s -on” treatment.
    So, thanks for all the fish (and reviews), I will be lurking around to check your upcoming masterpieces 🙂

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  3. Hi from Germany, Gavin 🙂
    Thanks for many insightful reviews and comments, I have always enjoyed reading your texts, together with Andrew’s and Steve’s. Health comes first, though!
    Regarding the ecosystem I have some interesting input (well, I found it interesting) from being in a workshop with cybercrime investigators for the last 3 days.
    They can snoop into Telegram, Whatsapp (open whisper based apps in general), Google has built in methods of letting them in, the only ecosystem they can absolutely not get into, unless of course they get a password, is anything apple.

    Anyway, just wanted to share that and I will be missing the wonderful shots of your area and your dogs!



  4. Gavin, fingers crossed on you gettin better. You have posted so many reviews I’ve not read yet, volume and work you’ve done is amazing. Have a good break.

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  5. I’am also one of those
    Who visited your site almost every day.
    I have enjoyed your writings and photos.
    Thank You!
    I hope not too many hospitals are waiting for you.
    I much prefer you get better
    And we get your photos and writings
    Even about Apple products…

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  6. Thanks Gavin, I have been avid reader of your blog and reviews. I hope you overcome the health issues, and wish you all the best for the future !!!



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  7. Health come first gavin.
    Thank you for all your time u have spent and your fascinating reviews.
    Please look after yourself be safe.

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  8. Hey Gavin,
    Sounds like the right idea to put your wellbeing first!
    Congratulations on what you’ve done here – for a single blogger it’s quite comprehensive coverage, and I’ve always put a lot of store in your thoughts and reviews.
    Take care and hopefully see you face to face again at some point!
    Cheers, James

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  9. Health first, tech second. Just. Take care Gavin. Fingers crossed you will decide to review the next iPhone as your opinion has always been with reading.

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  10. Hi Gavin
    Found your site quite late but I’ve enjoyed reading / watching your reviews – hopefully there’s enough back catalogue to sift thru n keep me going till your back on your feet again.Cheers for the time n effort you’ve put in👌

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  11. Thanks for all your work on this place Gavin – and indeed taking the time to come to visit me when I was at a ‘phone crossroads’.

    As others have said, health always come first so concentrate on that and enjoying your time on the moors!

    Keep in touch 🙂


  12. This has been a great site to visit. I’ve really enjoyed it and learnt so much. Have a good rest and I hope that your health steadily improves. All the best

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  13. Hope you get well soon gavin . Thank you for your wonderful reviews and beautiful photographs . Your health must come first !

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  14. Gavin, All the best mate. Your health is most important. You have put a lot of hard work into the site and irrespective of what the future holds you should be proud of what you have created.

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  15. Gavin I have been reading Gavin’s Gadgets everyday for 3 yrs you do a great job and I hope everything is ok and I hope you get well soon thanks for the great post and I’ll stay in touch through Twitter

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