My Thoughts – WWDC 17, new MacBooks, iMACs, new iPads, HomePod, iOS 11, watchOS4 & macOS High Sierra

So last night Apple held that keynote speech for WWDC 2017. The keynote speech lasted nearly 2 1/2 hours and in that time Apple revealed an incredible amount of new hardware and software.

So what did I think of all the new announcements made last night. Firstly with all the new Macbook, MacBook Pro, iMac and iMac Pro hardware improvements, it was clear Apple was addressing gripes of not having the most powerful processors and or enough ram/graphics. The new iMac Pro can be configured with 18 cores. 18 cores! Incredible. So if Apple was looking for a complete refresh of the range it now has a bit of time to enable any future updates to the happen because most people should be very happy with the latest hardware improvements. Even the MacBook air got a slight tweak in the hardware improvements.
Apple also announced new iPad Pro with a 10.5 inch screen and slimmer bezels. The new iPad will really benefit from iOS 11 when it comes out of beta and is made as a free updates in the fall. iOS 11 brings a ton of new functionality to the iPad and makes it look more like macOS. In fact I think this is the first step and unification of macOS and iOS. Whilst there are heaps of new features with iOS 11 the biggest change is the refresh rate going up from 60 Hz to 120 Hz. This makes ultrasmooth display refresh rates and strolling and in my mind is a game changer. Of course the new iPad Pro is more powerful with a new chip and has all the latest cameras found from the iPhone 7. Obviously there is a new update to the iPad accessories so Apple also makes some more money with those as well. Due to the new screen tech the Apple Pencil latency is the lowest ever and now makes the pencil even more productive with the iPad. 

WatchOS had a number of updates as well which will just take Apple’s lead in this field even further. macOS High Sierra had a ton of new features and refinements but also insures the possibility of using your Mac to create the VR media as well as AI. 

iOS 11 had tons of new features and functionality too, but what was evident is Apple’s push for AI with their new AIKit APIs. The new iPhone is clearly going to feature AI technology and this could be a game changer.

Apple also showed off the new HomePod, a blend of Siri and high-tech speakers. The proof  in this new product will be in use and how well it works, so until it comes out later in the year it will be one of those let’s wait and see before casting any verdicts.

Overall I thought Apple announced an awful lot of hardware and software. On the software side there will be a ton of functionality and features that never got mentioned at all. All these will take time to be uncovered over the coming weeks and months.

So what do you think?

8 thoughts on “My Thoughts – WWDC 17, new MacBooks, iMACs, new iPads, HomePod, iOS 11, watchOS4 & macOS High Sierra

  1. From the little I’ve seen, I like the in built multi room audio support and would love a collection of HomePods at home but as always, the ‘Apple’ version comes at a significant price increase – will be interested to see how good they sound (hopefully better than their earphones :p

    New camera effects looked ok too – like the long exposure one – could come in handy on the moors Gavin? 🙂

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  2. I can’t see where they changed much Google is so far ahead of Apple it ant even funny I was a iPhone fan till I got the Google pixel and Apple ant even close


    1. The Keynote skipped 99% of the changes. The slides which had lots of words on of the changes was the clue. Google is good for Google services, photos in particular. Apple is streaks ahead when it comes to hardware and software integration, however, that is due to controlling all the hardware options.

      But like all things having more isn’t always better for everyone. If you like something and it works for you then that is the best option always.


  3. Gavin I disagree with you when you say software because Android 7.1.2 has alot more to offer than even IOS 11 and speaking Hardware no way anyone can even look and a iPhone 7 plus looks half as good as a Galaxy S7 or S8 or LG G6 it’s not close I would say with the ip67 on the iPhone that is a advantage over the Pixel but i believe the Pixel has a alot better camera and as I mentioned Android 7.1.2 is alot better than the childish look IOS 11i have heard people say the Pixel is boring well what does that make the iPhone because in looks they look similar and the Pixel is even more Compact with the same size screen and in my opinion a better display being AMOLED so I can see where people get that Apple is behind they don’t move the needle in terms of the tech world they get alot of money for items because they have a Apple logo on them and it’s so people can I have a Apple product


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