LG G5 – Camera Shots after Android Nougat update

Update – The first two photos made it on to Flickr Explore. 

Below are a few photos I took with the LG G5 yesterday morning. It shows that even though its nearly a year old it can still take some fabulous photos.

Snow in Princetown #lgg5

Snow & Sunrise #lgg5

Picturesque Snow #lgg5

Some superb photos and a bit of snow helps too.

Thanks to Vodafone again for the loan of the LG G5!


9 thoughts on “LG G5 – Camera Shots after Android Nougat update

  1. Great shots Gavin – looks like the G5 camera has ‘still got it!’.

    Thinking of picking one up (although I haven’t seen the anticipated price drop yet tbh) – I really fancy trying the camera and enjoying better quality headphone audio. (Camera on my OnePlus 3T is the only negative of the device).

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      1. Yea – disappointed I missed that one. Got a feeling they were clearing stock ready for the G5 SE that they now have in stock though 😦


    1. Heh, compared the 3T with the G4 and still felt the G4 was a bit better. The G5 improves on the G4 so the difference will be more apparent.

      The g6 wide angle improves on previous lg wide angles by pushing to 13MP but it reduces the size of the primary sensor so right now whether the primary on the g6 is as good or worse is unclear.


      1. Hard to be sure 100% but some of the shots from the primary rear camera look good. As to whether better than the G5 is an unknown. Like a lot of phones coming out it’s so many steps forward and a few backwards.


  2. Gavin, you’re a gifted photographer and I feel these pictures reflect that more so than the camera. I’m going to join Flickr just so I can see more of your work, and I’ll buy you a beer if you can suggest how, for the privilege

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  3. Managed to pick a brand new G5 up for less than £300 and have to say I’m impressed. Display size set to minimum and on screen buttons sent to auto hide were the first tasks. Like how companies are keeping a pretty close to stock look on the notification shade and the actual notifications on Nougat so far.

    Feels quick and smooth enough in day to day use – not quite as slick as the OnePlus 3T I had but the camera speed and quality makes up for that.

    Only downside would be the battery life compared to the 3T but that was expected – the removable battery and imminent addition of the B&O HiFi DAC will compensate for that nicely 🙂

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